Steve Dyke

Contract Wordings Specialist
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About Steve

I work in the Contract Wordings Team, assisting many areas of the company with the development and review of insurance policy wordings. My role includes the review of insurance contracts for specific risks to try to ensure they accurately reflect the cover agreed by underwriters, the development and production of new or enhanced wordings, and the provision of general technical assistance. My particular areas of expertise are Energy, Property, Liability, PI, Aviation and Offshore Construction, although I have experience of many of the classes of business written by Hiscox London Market. Before joining Hiscox in March 2006, I worked for various insurance brokers and also for the Lloyd's Policy Signing Office - giving me over 35 years' insurance experience since starting work as a fresh faced and beardless 18 year old. Since 1985 I have specialised in the development, drafting and review of insurance contract wordings. I am a Chartered Insurer and a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and have a Diploma in English Law from the OU. I have a LinkedIn profile too (checkout my Group, Specialists in Insurance & Reinsurance Wordings). I believe that Robert Allen Zimmerman is very probably a genius and like to think that he influences my drafting style. Outside of work I enjoy walking and reading and like good food, real beer and proper music. I have never seen the inside of a gym and rarely feel the need to run anywhere. However I do care a lot about this fragile blue planet we live on.

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