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William warden

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My job at Hiscox is to underwrite a wide range and variety of Marine Cargo risks globally. This is my first job here at Hiscox, but have previously worked in the London market for 10 years, with the previous 7 of these being within the Marine Cargo sector. MY day to day job consists of analysing and assessing the associated risks that our clients face to their cargo, and facilitating the transfer of this risk to Hiscox thus enabling our clients to have the security required to continue with their business operations. The majority of our work involves working with Lloyd’s, and dealing with a number of risk surveyors and risk managers in order to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

My free time gets taken up with playing a variety of sports and in particular rugby. When I’m not doing this I’m either helping my Dad with his motorsport endeavours, teaching my niece and nephew how to misbehave, or fixing things in the house that my wife would say do not need to be fixed!


To ensure owners are fully protected, Hiscox Marine Cargo Insurance covers physical loss or damage to cargo on every stage of its journey. 

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23rd May 2023

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