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Marine hull

We currently protect over 10,000 vessels, ranging from dredgers to oil tankers, specialist craft, right up to the largest cruise ships. 

Bespoke products

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach taken at Hiscox. We understand that each client’s risk is unique to them and are able to tailor policy language around each specific risk. 

Meaningful capacity

As both a lead and following market in Lloyd’s, we offer: 

  • US$75m for marine hull and ship construction
  • US$120m for marine war

Outstanding wordings and claims service 

Together with our acknowledged policy wordings expertise, we offer a wealth of experience in handling many different types of marine claims from the simple to the very complex and have a dedicated claims team to service our clients at the times they need it most.


Contact the team
Emily Taylor
Marine, Energy and Specialty Divisional Director
Brendan Flood
Hull Line Underwriter

Meet the team

Jenna Hales
Marine, Energy and Specialty Claims Manager
Jenna Hales
Katie Sales
Senior Marine, Energy and Specialty Claims Underwriter
Leonie Parkins
Claims Underwriter
Bill Edmead
Claims Underwriter
Steve Dyke
Contract Wordings Specialist

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