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Security incident response

Peace of mind in a changing world

Organisations, operating both at home and abroad, face a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex security risk environment. Whether through terrorism or criminal acts such as corruption, extortion, or abduction, every business faces a wide range of threats to their people and the smooth running of their organisation. 

In an uncertain world, Security Incident Response provides peace of mind for organisations of any size – from small and medium sized business through to larger multi-nationals – with easily accessible crisis management, strategic advice and recovery services.

How Security Incident Response works

Our Security Incident Response (SIR) policy is designed to support clients with the management of complex issues throughout the readiness, response and recovery phases. The policy gives immediate access to the expertise of Control Risks to help manage a wide range of insured events. SIR clients are also reimbursed for the costs incurred in dealing with these events. By enabling the activation of the policy in advance of a crisis, clients can use SIR to increase their resilience to unforeseeable and unbudgeted critical events.

There are four ways in which the support of the SIR policy can be triggered:

  1. On the occurrence of an insured event.
  2. On the suspicion of an insured event having occurred.
  3. When there is an imminent threat of an insured event.
  4. On the allegation of an insured event having occurred.

These early stage triggers are crucial tools that enable clients to mitigate risk and manage complex events before they become crises.

The benefits to clients

  • Provides peace of mind to senior management that they have the resources in place for dealing with unforeseen events
  • Immediate access to leading incident management support on a global basis, for a fixed premium
  • Complements and reinforces existing incident management structures including other insurance policies
  • Helps build organisational resilience by providing a risk management allowance that can be used for preventing and mitigating risks
  • Demonstrates to stakeholders that duty of care obligations have been considered and that anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures are in place

Exclusive access to Control Risks

Control Risks is a world leading global risks consultancy specialising in political, security and integrity risk. Through Security Incident Response, clients will have unlimited access to Control Risks for kidnap, detention, extortion and life safety risks as well as up to 60 days for all other risks.


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