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As one of the biggest markets for terrorism insurance, Hiscox London Market provides proactive and innovative solutions against the latest global threats, across a diverse portfolio of products.

Malicious attack

From knife attacks to shootings and vehicle rammings, the security threat continues to evolve. With a $50 million line size, Hiscox Malicious Attack goes beyond traditional terrorism insurance to provide broad coverage encompassing property damage, business interruption, loss of attraction, crisis management  and enhanced after event care.

Sabotage and terrorism

Offering a maximum line size of $125 million for any one risk, we provide property damage and business interruption cover to both certified and non-certified acts of sabotage and terrorism.

Political violence including strikes, riots and civil commotion (SRCC)

We provide property damage and business interruption cover for up to $125 million for any one risk for a full spectrum of political violence events from unrest in Latin America to wars in the Middle East.

Nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological (NCBR)

Providing up to $50 million of protection, we help clients with the financial impact of a NCBR-related attack, with coverage for blast damage, decontamination and clean-up costs to extra expenses and business interruption.


With a line size available of $5 million, we provide indemnity against loss of revenue with no requirement for physical damage as well as risk mitigation advice and post-loss assessments from security specialists.

Unique relationship with Control Risks

We retain the expertise and response services of global risk consultancy, Control Risks. Not only do Control Risks advise on the security situation where our clients’ interests are located, but are also able to provide clients with pre- and post-incident response services including training, consultancy and crisis management.

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War, Terrorism and Political Violence Line Underwriter
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Crisis Management Divisional Director

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