ESG 3033

ESG 3033, Hiscox’s new sub-syndicate, will provide additional capacity to companies that perform well against environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. 

“Hiscox currently insures many top-rated ESG companies, which means we understand their businesses and their risks. We want to recognise outstanding performance and provide additional capacity to new and existing clients who can benefit from our underwriters and A-rated Lloyd's capacity.”

Paul Lawrence – Chief Underwriting Officer, Hiscox London Market

Recognising ESG performance
ESG 3033 uses the financial strength and expertise of Hiscox’s Syndicate 33, one of Lloyd’s leading syndicates, to provide extra risk capital to businesses with strong ESG credentials, for example renewable power generators, energy storage providers and electric manufacturers.

How can clients benefit?

  • Additional capacity for companies that perform well against (ESG) criteria
  • Access to the financial strength and underwriting expertise of one of Lloyd’s leading syndicates

Underwriting appetite
ESG 3033 can offer clients with a high ESG rating:

  • Up to 25% of Syndicate 33 line subject to a maximum of US$/GB£/€/C$ 10 million
  • Will underwrite the same lines of business as Syndicate 33, except for:
    • Cyber
    • Political Violence, SRCC (strike, riots, civil commotion) and War
  • Property exposures are limited to non-critical catasterophe*
  • Open market placements only

* Critical catasterophe is defined as US earthquake and windstorm, European flood, Asian flood, and Japanese earthquake and windstorm.


Does my client qualify?
Hiscox is working closely with experts that provide an independent assessment of a company’s ESG credentials. Those that perform well against the criteria will be eligible for additional capacity from the sub-syndicate, at our underwriters’ discretion. Please contact a member of the team below to find out if your company or client qualifies.

To find out more, please contact:

Paul Lawrence
Chief Underwriting Officer
Emily Taylor
Marine, Energy and Specialty Divisional Director
James Brady
Property Divisional Director
Colin Buchanan
Casualty Divisional Director
Colin Buchanan
Mike Williams
Crisis Management Divisional Director