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With a wider scope of cover and choice of higher limits, Hiscox FloodPlus offers more comprehensive protection than alternative flood products currently available. 

Ease of access and administration

With binding authority contracts in place throughout the USA, Hiscox FloodPlus is easily accessible to clients. There is no need to obtain elevation certificates for Hiscox FloodPlus and bindable quotes can be produced within seconds. 

Broader limits than traditionally afforded

We offer a flexible range of limits including those similar to the NFIP as well as a full value option for both homeowners and commercial risks. 

Comprehensive protection

Hiscox FloodPlus provides broader coverage options than alternative flood products available, from cover for outbuildings to business interruption. Hiscox FloodPlus can be bought as standalone cover or alongside Hiscox’s existing residential and commercial offerings.


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James Brady
Property Divisional Director
Tom King
Flood Line Underwriter

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Daniel Simmonds
Senior Flood Underwriter
Paul Hasler
Property Claims Manager
Robert Bragg
Claims Underwriter
Robert Bragg
Andrew Trevett
Contract Wordings Specialist

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