Behind the line with cyber

Now often rated as every business’s number one risk, Hiscox London Market’s Cyber team talk about the challenges of underwriting cyber, why they enjoy it, how the risk is continuing to evolve…and, because it’s not always about work, which actor would play them in a film about their lives.

Tim Andrews: Cyber Line Underwriter

Q: What do you enjoy most about leading the Cyber team at Hiscox London Market?
Cyber insurance is one of the most rapidly evolving and interesting lines of business to work in. I really enjoy leading a team of people who are constantly working to stay ahead in a fast changing environment. Cyber is at the cutting edge of innovation in insurance, and it is great to have the opportunity to work with our skilled underwriters, pricing analysts and claims underwriters, backed by insightful data, to find new solutions for our insureds’ changing needs.

Pushpa Sriwignarajah: Senior Cyber Underwriter

Q: What is the main change you have seen in the cyber industry change over the past decade? 
The main change would be the evolvement of the cyber insurance product in terms of cover to suit market needs. This has been coupled with a greater focus and understanding of aggregation risk with modelling tools.

Joe Packwood: Cyber Underwriter

Q: What emerging cyber risks are you seeing more of in your day-to-day underwriting?
Two main areas of focus that are getting a lot of attention are use of AI and privacy. AI has been around for years, but the recent usage of deepfakes, AI within ransomware attacks, and how companies use AI is constantly developing. This is something we as underwriters are focusing on and want to help our clients with as they incorporate more AI within their business. In terms of privacy, the regulatory environment is constantly evolving whether that’s focusing on biometrics, tracking technologies, or GDPR.

Michael Moyo: Graduate Underwriter

Q: How has your degree in information technology helped you understand the cyber industry as a graduate underwriter?
My degree has not only equipped me with the necessary interpersonal skills to take on the role, but also to confidently navigate the technical and often complex landscape that cyber underwriters see on a day-to-day basis. A common theme during my degree was the fast paced and changing nature of the information technology industry and that is significantly prevalent in the cyber insurance area today.

Megan Ryan: Cyber Underwriter

Q: What are you most looking forward to as the newest member of the Cyber team?
I’m looking forward to expanding my underwriting acumen by meeting new international clients. I’m also excited to sit at the Hiscox box in Lloyd’s (every Wednesday) and to be part of a highly respected team in the market looking to grow our envied book!

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

  • Tim: As a keen runner it’s a close call between Simon Pegg (Run Fatboy Run), Tom Hanks, for his work in Forrest Gump, and Tom Cruise, for every movie he’s ever been in. But despite not being much of a maverick, I’m going to go with Tom Cruise. I also like a pair of Aviators and I’m not very tall, so I think Tom’s the right man for the job.
  • Pushpa: Meryl Steep. It has to be someone Oscar winning!
  • Joe: I would go with Matt Damon, as I’ve been told that I look a bit like him in ‘Good Will Hunting’, and he also loves numbers, which my friends always joke about with me due to having done a maths degree.
  • Michael: Michael B Jordan would be the ideal candidate for obvious reasons. We’re both named Michael, but he might have to forgo his intensive gym routine to effectively portray all aspects of my life!
  • Megan: I would have to be a younger Meg Ryan – my namesake!


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