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We hope that you will find the answer to your query in the list of commonly asked questions below. However, if you require help or more information, please contact:

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General Questions

What is Hiscox Global Insight?

It's an online magazine from Hiscox London Market. It contains fresh thinking on some of the biggest risks facing our market, and news on what's happening at Hiscox, in a format you can read where and when you want.

How much must I pay to download the app?

Hiscox Global Insight is free and can be accessed via a browser. Simply visit to view the latest issue.

How will I know when a new issue is released?

Subscribe by email and you will receive an email newsletter as soon as the next issue launches. You may also receive a preview email showcasing content from forthcoming editions and a feedback email asking for your opinion of the previous issue. Don't worry, we know that your time is valuable and so we won't bombard you with marketing.


How do I navigate between articles?

Click the red next and previous buttons at the bottom of each page to move laterally between articles, or tap 'Contents' to select from a list of all pages.

How do I access a previous issue?

Tap the 'archive' tab to see a preview of all previous issues. Tap the preview to launch the corresponding issue.

How do I know which issue I am viewing?

The app will always show the latest version of Hiscox Global Insight without the need to manually update or download anything by default. When viewing issue content the issue’s month and year will be displayed in the top left.


How can I add a comment?

Comments can be found at the foot of each article. Click 'Write a comment' to leave your comment. To post your comment, sign in via your preferred social network — such as LinkedIn — and then click 'Post'. Alternatively you can comment 'As Guest'. 

How do I reply to a comment?

Reply to a previous comment by tapping the 'reply' button. 

Why can't I see my comment?

Before your comment is published it is sent to a moderator for review. Only once your comment has been approved will it be published publicly. 

Are there any rules for commenting?

You should always be polite, genuine and constructive in your comments. 

You should not:

  • Use inappropriate language or provide links/trackbacks to obscene or inappropriate content.
  • Defame an individual or group, or violate any trademarks or copyrighted material.
  • Encourage or advocate illegal activity or propose illegal activity.
  • Violate the privacy of others.
  • Promote commercial services or products.

We reserve the right to reject or redact any comments that violate the spirit, as well as the letter, of our policies. To protect your privacy, any information you contribute that reveals personal information - such as phone numbers, email addresses, addresses and so on - will not be published or will be removed. Any attempts to use the site to exchange personal information or arrange meetings with another user will also be removed.

Screen names
Screen names used on Hiscox Global Insight are also moderated. When selecting a screen name, please ensure that you choose one that is not rude, offensive or aimed at impersonating another person. Please avoid naming businesses or commercial services in your comment.  

Comments containing threats of public fear, terrorism or threats towards any individual are not permitted.  

Ensure that you own the copyright to any material you put on the site - especially if you have copied it from another source. If we are in any doubt about the ownership of content we will remove it from the site. 

Getting the app

How do I get the app on my device?

We would recommend that you save the app to your device's homescreen. You can do this by clicking or tapping the 'Share' icon within your browser and selecting 'add to homescreen' from the popup menu. If you are using a Samsung tablet, tap the options menu in the top right corner and choose 'add shortcut to home'.

What devices does it work on?

We have attempted to support most devices within the Hiscox Global Insight webapp. We are continuously improving the application and value your feedback. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please complete the feedback form.

Removing the app

How do I remove the app from my device?

Hiscox Global Insight can be removed from your mobile device or tablet just like any other app. However, to ensure it is completely removed, you may wish to clear your device's cache.

What happened to offline reading?

Offline reading was removed from the recent update to Hiscox Global Insight. Analytics show that the app is generally viewed on a desktop screen and that offline reading was scarcely activated.

How can I share my feedback?

We welcome feedback on content published within this app. Send us your suggestions by completing the feedback form: