The Control Room

Hiscox London Market Control Room alerts brokers to malicious attack threat

Brokers and visitors to Lloyd’s on the 23 February 2023 were intrigued to find a mysterious red box had appeared in the centre of the famous Underwriting Room.

Unlike the usual Lloyd’s ‘boxes’ however, there were no underwriters inside waiting to put their name to a broker’s line slip. Instead, the purpose of this box - the Hiscox London Market Control Room – was to provide an immersive and educational experience focused on the growing threat of malicious attack.


Simulating a malicious attack crisis
Hiscox London Market Control Room participants were invited to take part in a three-minute simulation that would test their ability to make the right calls in a crisis situation. “We created the Hiscox Control Room to provide brokers with an educational experience; simulating the environment a client could be in during a high-pressure situation of a crisis,” says Hiscox’s Jade Warden, Terrorism Underwriter. “And testing their knowledge around how a Hiscox Malicious Attack policy responds.”

Support in a crisis
“Malicious attacks are on the rise,” adds Terri Patterson, Principal Consultant for Hiscox’s crisis management partner Control Risks. “Our clients are realising that it is incredibly important to have some support should they become the victim in these incidents. It’s all about educating people in advance of a malicious attack so that they can have the confidence that they’re ready, their employees are ready, and their crisis management team is ready.”

The experience put participant’s malicious attack knowledge to the test, providing a great opportunity, says Warden, “to meet face to face with brokers and explain how the Hiscox / Control Risks partnership can support clients who could fall victim to a malicious attack.”

If you’re interested in speaking to a member of our team about Hiscox London Market’s Malicious Attack cover, you can reach them here: Terrorism | Hiscox London Market.



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