Hiscox and Control Risks

Celebrating 30 years of helping people and businesses protect what matters most

Thirty years ago, Hiscox and Control Risks came together to offer a market leading insurance and crisis response service. Recognising that there was a demand from businesses and private individuals for support to help deal with kidnap for ransom as well as ‘on the ground’ incident management, the Hiscox/Control Risks partnership represented a significant step change in crisis management under the protective umbrella of one insurance policy. 

Since then, the services offered jointly by Hiscox and Control Risks have evolved to reflect the changing risks clients face whether it’s traditional kidnap, a virtual kidnapping, the threat of an active shooter, a whistleblower allegation, corruption, a cyber attack, product recall, or an extortion. As threat actors exploit new methods and technologies to target their victims, so the crisis management cover offered by Hiscox and Control Risks responds with new protection. 

Commenting on the 30-year anniversary of the Hiscox/Control Risks partnership, Mike Williams – Crisis Management Divisional Director, says: “Our clients faced a very different threat environment in 1994 when we began our partnership with Control Risks, but while the risks have evolved over the last 30 years to range from a traditional kidnap for ransom to a malware attack on a business’s operational technology, our philosophy has stayed the same. We believe that our two businesses working closely together offer an unrivalled ability to deliver crisis support; providing response and recovery services to protect what matters most for our clients.”

Control Risks’ CEO – Nick Allan, adds: “Together with Hiscox, we have successfully managed thousands of crisis incidents for private individuals and businesses over the last three decades and will continue to support our clients whenever and wherever they need it with our world class blend of insurance and response services.” 



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