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Hiscox CyberClear365 is just that…clear. With simple, unambiguous policy wordings, clients know what they are buying, what they are covered for and have peace of mind that they are supported throughout the life of the policy, 24-7/365. 

Broad policy coverage

  • First-party incident costs including bricking and a criminal reward fund. 
  • Flexible business interruption calculation – based on property policies, catering for all industries. 
  • Full system failure triggers including any unintentional or unplanned outage. 
  • Voluntary shutdown. 
  • Reputational harm.
  • Pre-agreed limit reinstatement. 

Simple claims conditions

  • Cover for mitigation costs to prevent future losses. 
  • Percentage of excess discounted if the response team is notified of an incident within 48 hours. 
  • Incident costs sub-limit without insurer’s prior consent. 

Risk management services

All CyberClear365 policyholders have access to an array of risk management services throughout the policy, such as the Hiscox C-Suite Secured workshop, Cyber Maturity Assessment, Boardroom Briefings, Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise or Spear Phishing Stimulations.

Is your business cyber-ready?

Answer seven short questions about your business and receive a Cyber Health Check Score.

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