Jenna Hales

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Hiscox London Market’s Marine, Energy and Specialty Claims Manager discusses her journey into insurance and why she chose to join market committees such as the LMA. 


What is your role at Hiscox?   

I am the Claims Manager for the Marine, Energy and Specialty division in Hiscox London Market. 

What three words would you use to describe Hiscox London Market? 

Dynamic, dedicated and human. 

What drew you to the insurance industry?  

The longevity, versatility and never-ending possibilities that a career in insurance can bring.  

How long have you been in insurance?  

I started my career at Willis in 2004 within their reinsurance claims department. After several years of dealing with reinsurance claims on the broking side, I had built transferable skills and knowledge that allowed me to transition to the direct side of the market, and the opportunities within the marine claims market were really exciting. 

What drew you to Hiscox?  

Hiscox has a market-leading reputation for insuring highly specialised risks, which requires an intelligent and courageous approach, delivered by the best talent.  

When did you start being involved with market committees and what made you want to participate in them?  

One of my favourite qualities of the marine insurance market is the community spirit for knowledge sharing. Market committees are an amazing facility for market practitioners to connect with each other, where we can discuss important topics and trends that affect our client base. I’ve been fortunate enough so far to chair the Joint Marine Claims Committee, and I also sit on the LMA Marine Committee and the IUMI Legal and Liability Committee. My entrance to committee work started years ago via the Lloyd’s U35’s community, and I would encourage all young insurance professionals working in the London Market to sign up to their membership. 

Through your many years of experience in London Market claims, are there any claims that have stuck with you, and why?  

Leading a market of approximately 30 other insurers through the largest hull loss that Lloyd’s has ever had, was quite an experience! The Lloyd’s insurance market delivered on its promise to pay valid claims quickly, regardless of size, which was really appreciated by the client.  

How has COVID-19 impacted marine and energy claims?  

In short; very lightly. Few losses have been presented within the marine insurance industry when compared to other lines of business and the retail sector. However, we have seen a knock-on effect to some claims that have a totally separate cause to Covid-19, where clients are experiencing delay and increased costs due to supply chain issues and workforces impacted by covid exposure and global lockdowns. 




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