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From property, to marine, energy and specialty, crisis management, and casualty, the Hiscox London Market Claims Centre (LMCC) brings a pool of highly talented claims professionals working across every line of business. Their mission is to handle less complex claims quickly and efficiently to deliver a fair outcome for clients, while freeing up the divisional claims teams to focus on the bigger, more complicated claims. 

To work in the LMCC, everyone needs to have an eye for detail, be flexible, adaptable, and have the ability to deal with several claims at any given time. Meet the claims professionals who explain why their role is so important and why they get satisfaction from what they do.

Hannah Lander – Senior Claims Underwriter 

Q: What do you enjoy most about managing the LMCC, and why?
One of my favourite things is supporting the team in achieving their goals. I’m passionate about showing the next generation how rewarding and interesting a career in claims can be, and have loved watching the team grow and develop. The opportunity to really think about what skills will be useful for the team and identify and provide training opportunities is something I find really rewarding.

We handle claims from across Hiscox London Market and have been able to support each of the divisional claims teams at various points throughout the year, be it when people are on sabbatical, a catastrophic event has occurred, or one of the divisions has just been extraordinarily busy. One of the key reasons we set up the LMCC was to further improve the wider claims experience for our clients, and the LMCC has demonstrated our ability to do just that. 

Hannah Winters – Associate Claims Underwriter 

Q: How does the LMCC help Hiscox better handle claims?
During the first year spent in the LMCC, every team member rotates around each class of business building relationships with the claims underwriters and learning vital claims handling skills. This allows us to handle non-complex claims for our Property, Marine, Energy and Specialty, Crisis Management and Casualty divisions, enabling their claims teams more time to manage complex losses and ultimately, deliver better claim outcomes for all clients. 

Violet Aboagye – Associate Claims Underwriter 

Q: What is the most useful claims handling skill you have picked up since joining the LMCC?
The ability to seamlessly juggle different types of claims. We handle both first-party and liability claims as well as marine treaty statements which means you have to be able to understand the diverse types of risks and their associated policies when making a claims decision. It is not easy, but being adaptable means that you can pick up a first-party property damage claim and then afterwards, a third-party property damage claim and understand that although the facts may look the same, the risks are different and so are the policies. The decisions you make will not be the same on every claim which keeps you on your toes and involves a lot of critical thinking. 

Hachi Agbirigba – Trainee Claims Associate 

Q: What inspired you to apply for a role in the LMCC?
Although my undergraduate degree is in law, I’ve always had a strong interest in financial services. I stumbled across the world of insurance online, and after a lot of research I knew that I wanted to find a role in this industry. This position in the LMCC stood out to me as an opportunity to gain exposure in four different lines of insurance. A role in claims also seemed to mesh well with my academic background.

Throughout my interview process it was clear that there was a strong culture of innovation, diversity, and empowerment at Hiscox, and I was excited at the prospect of working with incredible people. This role is a unique opportunity to build a solid foundation in understanding insurance, the London Market, and the work we do at Hiscox. I get to learn new skills every day, network, and obtain qualifications that will support me in my career. I am glad to be a part of the LMCC, working with great minds and great people, and I hope more young people can find the ‘hidden gem’ that is insurance!

Luella Hutley – Trainee Claims Associate

Q: What opportunities can come from working in the LMCC? 
The LMCC is a great opportunity to learn about the insurance industry. It is an excellent way to understand the insurance cycle and see how each line operates and varies from the other. Not only do you learn new things every day, but you also meet lots of interesting people from all industries, whether they are lawyers, brokers, or managers from across the world. The diversification of work gives you the best opportunity to learn and to constantly challenge yourself. I don’t know where else you could get to learn and experience all lines of insurance business within one role.

Adam De Cruz – Associate Claims Underwriter

Q: How does working in the LMCC prepare you for an underwriting role in claims?
The LMCC provides a platform to learn about the London Market and how different areas of insurance operate, which is perfect for individuals new to the market. Towards the end of our rotation, we eventually move into independently handling claims from notification to settlement across the four teams, developing knowledge and gradually expanding the types of claims handled. 

There are continuing opportunities to look after more complex losses and develop specialised knowledge by shadowing senior colleagues across the teams. Through this knowledge and by building trust within the teams, we are equipped to independently handle claims in any area. As a result, when an opportunity to join a different claims team arises, we are more than prepared to slot into a new role.


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