Hiscox Energy team

In 2022, Hiscox merged its energy and power teams as the business responded to a growing convergence in the sectors, offering two separate lines in upstream energy, and power and renewables from one trading desk. Since then, Hiscox London Market Energy has built out its team, adding additional energy expertise and underwriting capacity. 

In this article, the team share more on what their roles entail, as well as the team’s priorities, how the market has changed, the development of onshore renewables and…because it’s not always just about business, the best places in the world they have ever visited.  

Lorraine Mackey: Upstream Energy Line Underwriter 

Q: What do you and Louis Cozon, Renewables and Power Line Underwriter, do as team leaders?
I am responsible for upstream energy and Louis Cozon is responsible for the power and renewables part of the portfolio. To meet the needs of our clients we liaise with both the clients and the brokers, building long term business partnerships with all our key stakeholders. Over the years, our clients have grown and evolved, so naturally our book has also evolved to meet the new ever-changing challenges our clients face. We are at the forefront of those changes and always want to ensure that we can adapt and support their insurance needs as they move through the energy transition, while ensuring energy security for all.

Louis Cozon: Power and Renewables Line Underwriter

Q: What are the priorities for your team over the next six months?
Lorraine and I have worked hard to bring together an exceptional group of individuals, and I’m incredibly proud of what we have already achieved together. The number one priority for me is ensuring that our technical capabilities keep pace with the technological change, and to do that, we need to continue to educate ourselves.

Will Prest: Senior Underwriter

Q: How would you describe the role of an energy underwriter?
The role of an energy underwriter is certainly challenging, but also exciting and rewarding. Our client base is global, and they are often large, sophisticated corporations with complex insurance needs. We cover a range of different assets across the energy industry and with technology moving fast, we are always learning. Our lives are made much easier thanks to Hiscox’s great teams in pricing, wordings, exposure management and claims. We wouldn’t be able to do our job without their help.

Tim Welsh: Senior Underwriter

Q: How has the world of London market insurance changed over the past 30 years since you joined the industry?
The London insurance market has changed significantly. When I first joined, computers were only just being introduced to the market; mobile phones did not exist, and of course the internet had not been released onto the global population. Face-to-face trading was prevalent, landline phones were used, and the only electronic communication was by way of fax or telex. It is beyond comprehension that the insurance industry could function now without this technology.

Chloe Dowie: Senior Underwriter

Q: How do you see the developments in the onshore renewables market changing your role as an energy underwriter?
The developments in the onshore renewables space are so rapid that it is crucial to stay alert to the new technologies and exposures that we may not have had to contend with in the past. With the upscaling of onshore wind turbines as well as the vastly increasing size of battery energy storage system projects worldwide, education and close client relationships are key to remaining knowledgeable in the sector.

Jamie Platts: Underwriter

Q: What is the most challenging part about being an underwriter in energy?
Staying up-to-date and informed in a rapidly changing world! Technology in the renewable energy sector is changing and progressing every year, and the ways in which we produce, transmit and use electricity is evolving. As an underwriter, we must ensure we are aware of the latest trends and developments in the energy industry.

Dominic Alms: Assistant Underwriter

Q: What do you like most about working within the Hiscox Energy team?
We have a strong, hard-working, collaborative nature, with a focus on a common cause. Everyone is always happy to offer advice and to support each other. The team is also very competitive, so when it comes to extracurricular activities there is always healthy and fun competition. We are also a social team, so it’s really nice spending time together outside of work.

Tom Horton: Graduate Underwriter

Q: How do you feel that your degree will help you progress within energy underwriting at Hiscox?
Having just graduated with a geography degree, I have a strong understanding of the global energy sector and the unfolding energy transition. I also hope that the analytical skills I have developed through my degree will hold me in good stead for underwriting complex energy risks.

Matthew Bargh: Assistant Underwriter

Q: What are you most looking forward to now that you have started an underwriting role with an exposure management background?
During the past 17 months as an Exposure Management Analyst across Hiscox’s Marine, Energy and Specialty division, I have been fortunate enough to gain a holistic view of all lines of business and how each line is interrelated. Although I am grateful for the breadth of knowledge I have acquired in this division, I am now very much looking forward to focussing on upstream energy; taking a deep dive into the details of the risks we see and to start laying the foundations of becoming an underwriter. I am also looking forward to meeting external brokers and clients, building up relationships for the future that can benefit the team, division, and Hiscox London Market as a whole.

And now, for something a little different, we set off on our travels with the Hiscox Energy team as they tell us about the best places they have ever travelled to. 

  • Lorraine: I recently took my five-year Hiscox sabbatical, and I used the time to travel to some amazing places. The most notable one had to be hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. I would recommend it!
  • Louis: I have such fond memories of travelling in Malaysia. The islands we visited were stunning, with fantastic food and lovely people, but also being my first culture shock of Southeast Asia makes it unforgettable. I still dream of seeing sunsets like those again one day.
  • Chloe: This is a tough one to choose, but I’ve recently come back from Australia, and I must say that Whitehaven Beach within the Whitsunday Islands is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Definitely bucket-list worthy.
  • Will: I would have to say South Africa, where I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks on my honeymoon. An amazing country with fantastic scenery and wildlife, as well as excellent food and wine!
  • Tim: I think it has to be Bali. While it is a long-haul exotic holiday destination from the UK, this contrasts with being an Australian backpacker’s paradise. Aside from being a beautiful island, the local population and their culture was so welcoming and friendly, from the moment we arrived until the time we departed.
  • James: Iceland! Although I didn’t see the northern lights, it’s still a stunning country with an incredible landscape.
  • Dominic: The best place I have travelled to is Myanmar; the country was beautiful and so different to anywhere else I have been. The people and culture were incredibly welcoming, and the country has a very interesting history.
  • Tom: I've been lucky enough to visit Miami a couple of times which was really fun. I particularly enjoyed driving down the Florida Keys and taking an airboat through the Everglades.
  • Matthew: The best place I've ever travelled to is Cape Town, South Africa. I went on a wine tasting tour of the vineyards in the Cape Winelands, enjoyed the views at the top of Table Mountain, and saw the iconic big five on a safari in the nearby Kruger National Park.


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