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Hiscox London Market’s Crisis Management Claims Manager tells us about the most pressing issues in the crisis management world currently.


What is your role at Hiscox? 

I am the claims manager for the crisis management division.

How long have you been in insurance and at Hiscox?

I have worked at Hiscox since 2014, initially in the UK retail business unit handling complex and high value third party claims.  I subsequently transferred to Hiscox London Market.  

What drew you to the insurance industry?  

I became involved in insurance matters as part of my legal training. I really enjoyed working with insurers and insureds to help form strategies for dealing with a variety of situations they faced, together as a team.  

What drew you to Hiscox?

I came to Hiscox on secondment from the law firm I was working at. I was meant to go back to the law firm after a few months, but never did! That was because of the people and the culture at Hiscox. I was also able to see the direct impact of my work on the business and work even closer with the clients, an aspect of my job I really enjoy.  

What are the most pressing issues in the crisis management world currently?

In the crisis management claims team, we are often dealing with claims arising as a result of world events, so if it’s currently in the news, it may well be on our desks. These events can stem from volatile economies or changes in a particular country which in turn results in crime or unrest. 

What do you predict will be the biggest challenges that your clients will face in 3-5 years?

We handle claims from a range of classes of business within the division including terrorism, personal accident, product recall and kidnap & ransom, so it is difficult to pin point one particular challenge. However, I think what is common to all of these is a client’s reaction to an event that is unfolding. I think in the coming years it is important for clients to be able to monitor and ‘horizon scan’ what events may unfold and importantly ensure they have a plan and support in place to react quickly and efficiently to protect their people, products and businesses.  

What is your vision for the crisis management claims team?

As a team, we will build upon our market leading claims service as experienced and trusted claims handlers. Clients will choose Hiscox knowing they are in safe hands at a critical time. 


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